Dowload Statement of "Stop Patronizing Dawei Project"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Italy,Myanmar,Thailand : RESETTLEMENT of Project Affected Villagers of DAWEI progressing for hydropower dam project

There are hopes that course of actions on the Dawei deep-sea port and economic zone will advance faster, but Ka Loat Hta-based villagers are unhappy with the Italian-Thai Development Company s (ITD) resettlement strategies for their village, a location for a planned hydropower dam venture on the Talineya River.

According to a villager, ITD is yet to begin relocating them, although it has already spotted and marked off the land. He added, For sure, the whole village will be under water because of this project. Although we don t want to move, we have no choice.

The construction of the hydropower dam will be accomplished close to the village on the Talineya River that goes into the Tanintharyi River in Tenasserim Division-based Ye Hsu Township.

The ITD officials are currently in talks with the villagers who will be moved or distressed by the dam project.

We ve heard that they ITD will rebuild houses for villagers who are relocated to another area. Villagers say they don t want to move, stated a local resident. He has revealed that the villagers will be given 300,000 kyat (almost US$ 3,530) for a matured rubber tree, 150,000 kyat for a young rubber tree and 500,000 kyat for per acre of unused land.

But, the villagers believe that the ITD damage payment for rubber trees is very small and a few of them are insisting on a higher price. Moreover, the villagers who are not ready to lose their cultivated area are arranging themselves for expressing their disapproval and protect their lands.

The President Thein Sein and Thailand s Premier Yingluck Shinawatra decided in July to press on endeavors in order to construct the key infrastructure for the Dawei deep-sea port project.

The Thai-possessed company -- Italian-Thai Development Company is undertaking work for the development of the $60-billion mega Tavoy/Dawei Development Project in Southern Burma s Tavoy. The project comprises building of a deep-sea port, a 250-square-kilometer light and heavy industrial zone, plus a 4,000-megawatt power facility, as well as rail connections to the Thai border in Kanchanaburi. The company is now making efforts to collect financial supports for the deep-sea port development.

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